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The Hague, City by the Sea, is a city known for its rich array of international organizations and government agencies. It is not called the City of Peace and Law for nothing. It is home to organizations such as the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and the European Patent Office. Working at these organizations means contributing to important issues that impact global politics and diplomacy.

"The Hague: a major metropolis with a rural character."

The Hague also has a strong focus on (social) entrepreneurship with impact and sustainability. Impact Hubs such as The Hague Humanity Hub and ImpactCity provide space for start-ups and organizations that focus on solving social problems and promoting sustainability. This makes The Hague a city where working and contributing to society go hand in hand.

But The Hague offers more than just opportunities at international organizations and impact hubs. It has a diverse range of companies and employers in different sectors, such as thriving business services, strong ICT sector and growing creative industries. This provides many career opportunities and possibilities to develop yourself, both at larger companies and smaller startups.

The Hague is also an excellent city in which to study. The city is home to a number of renowned educational institutions, including Leiden University Campus The Hague, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the Royal Conservatory of Music. These institutions offer a wide range of educational programs, including international relations, law and cybersecurity. Thanks to the presence of many international organizations and companies, students have access to numerous internship and career opportunities in various disciplines.

In addition to work and study opportunities, The Hague also has much to offer in terms of culture and recreation. The city's village character is combined with a metropolitan atmosphere, making it a lively and versatile place. The city has a unique blend of old and modern architecture, creating a vibrant atmosphere. There are also numerous festivals and events, such as Scheveningen International Fireworks Festival, Jazz in de Gracht and the Liberation Festival. Scheveningen beach is one of the city's biggest attractions with entertainment until the late hours, but the historic center is also wonderful to explore.

The Hague is centrally located in the Netherlands and is easily accessible by train, bus and car.

In short, The Hague, with its international character and its many opportunities in the areas of work, study and culture, is a world-class city but remains surprisingly personal with its village character.

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