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Are you looking for a cool city to study in while making the world a little better? Are you interested in humanitarian affairs and thinking about studying in the field of humanitarian affairs? Then come study in The Hague!

The Hague is the International city of peace and justice. It is home to a large number of international organizations working on a variety of humanitarian issues. For example, they deal with poverty alleviation, global refugee issues, improving health care in Africa or providing emergency relief during natural disasters.


Also good to know is that innovative technology is increasingly being used in humanitarian issues. For example, in major natural disasters, artificial intelligence is used to map the damage, drones to find missing persons and "digital money" to restore food production in affected areas. This offers you plenty of opportunities to study within this field and also to work in The Hague after your studies.

The Haagse Hogeschool, for example, offers a bachelor's program in Safety and Security Management Studies where you learn to work on a safe society. Leiden University offers Security Studies and a master's program in International Relations and Diplomacy. And at InHolland University of Applied Sciences, you can take various courses in the fields of Communication, ICT and sustainable innovation. Enough choice if you want to work towards a better world.


What makes The Hague extra cool is that it is an international city. As a result, you will meet students from all over the world and learn to look at humanitarian issues and innovative solutions from different perspectives. Furthermore, there are plenty of opportunities in The Hague to develop yourself outside of your studies. For example, you can do an internship at one of the many international organizations, participate in debates or attend workshops at Humanity House. This will not only increase your knowledge, but you will also gain valuable work experience.


In summary, The Hague is a great city to study in if you are interested in Humanitarian Affairs and Innovation. With several top universities and colleges, international organizations and a multicultural society, The Hague is the ideal place to develop yourself and contribute to a better world. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and join us in The Hague!

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Through modern technology, The Hague shows that you can creatively have a positive impact on humanitarian action.


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