Klaar om je stempel te drukken op de toekomst van security en tech?

Meet Security Delta (HSD), the Dutch security cluster dedicated to secure our digitizing society since 2013. 

Within this ecosystem, more than 275 businesses, governmental organizations and knowledge institutions work together on innovative security solutions that have impact, both inside and outside the Netherlands.

Three important pillars

HSD is all about sharing knowledge and collaboration. They focus on three main pillars: Cybersecurity & Resilience, Data & AI/Intel, and Smart Secure Societies. By pooling expertise and experience, the HSD community creates innovative solutions that form the basis for a more digitally resilient Netherlands. This requires fertile ground. Therefore, the HSD community is supported with programs that provide access to knowledge, innovation, market, capital and talent.

Ideal location for ambitious young professionals

The Dutch security cluster has strong roots in South Holland, particularly in The Hague, where the HSD Campus is also located. The Campus is the place where experts and talents come together to work on the future of security and tech. This makes it the ideal location for ambitious young professionals like you.

Cyber Security Week

Once a year, Security Delta organizes the Cyber Security Week in cooperation with a number of other parties. This week is dedicated to cybersecurity in The Hague. In the International City of Peace and Law, all kinds of organizations work together to make the world a safer place. During Cyber Security Week, everything comes together. The many events provide opportunities to network, meet key players, discuss the latest developments, share knowledge and create awareness.

10th anniversary HSD

This year HSD is celebrating its 10th anniversary, a milestone that illustrates HSD's growth and impact. Discover the numerous career opportunities, challenging programs and innovative collaborations waiting for you in The Hague. Learn more on the HSD website -> www.securitydelta.nl or check out the HSD career platform www.securitytalent.nl.

Published on Wednesday 13 September, 2023 / Security