The Hague Humanity Hub

In the heart of The Hague; the political capital of the Netherlands and the International City of Peace and Justice, you’ll find The Hague Humanity Hub – where professionals come together to work on a more peaceful and just world.

The Hague Humanity Hub is a dynamic place that works to promote innovation, collaboration, and social impact in the realms of peace, justice, and humanitarian action. With this unique mission, and an inspiring environment, The Hub brings together a diverse community of organisations and individuals, all of whom are working towards meeting global challenges: for example achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Hub functions as a catalyser for collaboration between various sectors, such as NGOs, academics (social) entrepreneurs, and local and national government. This is done through inspiring network events, programmes, and knowledge sharing. The Hub offers a ‘clubhouse’ where members can meet, share ideas, and develop innovative solutions together. Through organising events, workshops, and seminars, the Hub stimulates a culture of working together and co-creation; bringing together people with diverse backgrounds and working on multiple disciplines together.

Focus on innovation and tech

One of the strongest points of the way that the Hub works is a focus on bringing together innovation and technology with global challenges. It’s a place where people and organisations can increase their impact together. Entrepreneurs and changemakers are supported through networking opportunities, so that they can scale up their ideas, and realise a positive change.

Aside from this, The Hub is also a place where important discussions and debates can take place. The Hub works together with the Municipality of The Hague on the public-facing Just Peace programme, which aims to bring peace and justice to life for people living in the city. Just Peace has an event programme, a community of partners, and a web platform with plenty of interesting content profiling people that work on global issues in The Hague.

The Hague Humanity Hub brings people together

The Hague Humanity hub for young professionals

The Hague Humanity Hub also works to support the Peace & Justice ecosystem in The Hague on talent; from listing jobs for graduates, to helping students find internships and volunteering opportunities. Check out all the vacancies here! Aside from the web listings, The Hub also organises an annual career and talent event for young people in The Hague.

In short, The Hague Humanity Hub brings people together, stimulates collaboration, and supports positive change.

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Published on Saturday 24 June, 2023 / International Rule of Law / Humanitarian Affairs